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Crossfire offers Whole Foods EDI solutions that help your business comply with Whole Foods EDI requirements, as well as cutting down manual data entry, decreasing keying errors and making your business more efficient.

Crossfire is trusted by businesses like yours across the globe that sell to retailers like Whole Foods.

All Whole Foods EDI integrations through Crossfire are provided at an affordable setup cost. Everything is hosted in our cloud, we do the heavy lifting to make the process easy for you.

Whole Foods EDI message requirements:

Purchase Order (PO)

A Purchase Order will be sent electronically from Whole Foods. This will be picked up by Crossfire and converted into whichever format your system requires to receive data. This will then arrive into your system automatically. 

PO Acknowledgement (POA)

A Purchase Order must be Acknowledged before a set period of time, usually a couple of hours. Once you update quantities (if applicable) and confirm the order in your system, Crossfire will automatically send this to Whole Foods electronically.

Invoice (INV)

Once you've shipped the goods, and change the status in your system, Crossfire will send an invoice automatically to Whole Foods.

To get started with Whole Foods EDI:

We do all the hard work and liaise with the Whole Foods EDI team. Our expert EDI technical team can easily set this up for you. Once set up, our system monitors all messages passing through to ensure you are receiving and sending the correct data in a timely fashion. We are always here to support you.

  1. Tell us which system(s) you are using.
  2. We will liaise with the Whole Foods EDI team to confirm technical requirements 
  3. We provision the implementation and undergo a thorough testing process with Wholefoods to ensure the EDI setup is set up correctly.