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In the context of trading electronically with The Warehouse, EDI refers to the creation and electronic transmission of Orders, Advance Ship Notices and Invoices formatted in accordance to agreed international messaging format standards. EDI does not include the transfer of data via text file, spreadsheet or other non standard means. 

Crossfire Cloud EDI offers tailored EDI solutions to enable your business to achieve EDI compliance.

EDI compliance prerequisites

In order to trade electronically with The Warehouse, suppliers will need to be able to receive and send the following documents electronically via an approved EDI format: 

• Receive: Purchase Order 
• Send: Advance Ship Notice (ASN) 
• Send: Invoice 

As well as supporting these functions, Crossfire Cloud EDI Solutions also supports any other EDI documents that The Warehouse or your EDI partners may require in the future.

All of Crossfire's The Warehouse EDI solutions are provided at an affordable setup cost.  There is no additional EDI software or hardware to purchase.

We take care of all the heavy lifting for you, our expert EDI technical staff can easily stand up new mappings for your and monitor all Crossfire Cloud EDI messages every day.  We are always here to support you.

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