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The below is taken from our EDI Examples page, outlines how Mainfreight and Mitre 10 work together using Crossfire Cloud EDI.

Retailer Mitre 10 partner with Mainfreight to use Crossfire EDI for orders, confirmations, and stock management between two completely disparate systems run by the separate companies.

Crossfire Cloud EDI Solution

The following example shows how Mitre 10 employs Crossfire Cloud EDI to ensure enough BBQs remain in stock for summer.

  • As Mitre 10 runs low on BBQs, an order message is automatically sent to Mainfreight through Crossfire.
  • Mainfreight receives the order message and picks the BBQs from their warehouse, then loads them onto a truck for delivery.
  • Mainfreight then send a confirmation message back to Mitre 10 via Crossfire, to confirm the BBQs are on their way.
  • Mitre 10’s system receives the confirmation message, including a note that it can expect to receive the BBQs the next day. The following day when the BBQs arrive, Mitre 10’s system is automatically updated with the new BBQ stock.
  • EDI translation and validation between Mitre 10 and Mainfreight systems is performed automatically by Crossfire.

Business Benefits of EDI

  • Automating the ordering process through Crossfire Cloud EDI significantly reduced manual processes for Mitre 10. Less manpower is required and human errors are dramatically reduced, saving cost and time, and increasing efficiency.
  • As Crossfire is hosted in the ‘cloud’, supporting the system is fully taken care of by us, meaning no in-house IT specialists are required for support, and means you can focus on your business.

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