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Foodstuffs EDI compliance

Foodstuffs NZ

Foodstuffs South Island Limited

Crossfire Cloud EDI offers Foodstuffs EDI solutions to enable your business to achieve Foodstuffs EDI compliance.

Our cloud EDI solutions enable you to send your documents quickly, easily and effectively. You will have confidence that your EDI transactions are compliant and are processed within the EDI regulations and guidelines that Foodstuffs has specified.

All Foodstuffs Crossfire Cloud EDI solutions are provided at an affordable setup cost. There is no additional EDI software or hardware to purchase.

Foodstuffs EDI message requirements:

Purchase Order (PO)

There are two different types of purchase orders, based on where the order originates, although they are substantially the same:

  • Distribution Centre/ Warehouse Orders
  • Retail Store Orders

Delivery Forecast Note (DFN)

A DFN is sent by suppliers practicing Just In Time Ordering. These suppliers tend to be those for whom Purchase Orders are not raised prior to delivery. Typically the highly perishable items are delivered at least once per day, and any dated stock is removed by the supplier. This is currently only available for use by Foodstuffs South Island. 

Order Message (MSG)

A Purchase Order must be Acknowledged before a set period of time, usually two hours. An Order Message must arrive prior to an ASN

Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)

An ASN is an electronic packing slip or delivery docket. An ASN is sent to Foodstuffs' inwards goods to confirm the delivery details so that they know what to expect when the goods arrive. 

Invoice (INV)

An Invoice can either be a "Tax Invoice" or a "Credit Note".

To get started with Foodstuffs EDI:

We take care of all the heavy lifting for you, our expert EDI technical staff can easily set up new mappings for you and monitor all Crossfire Cloud EDI messages every day. We are always here to support you.

  1. Tell us which system you want to integrate.
  2. We will liaise directly with Foodstuffs to confirm technical requirements.
  3. We provision the implementation and undergo a thorough testing process with Foodstuffs to ensure a robust service.

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