Costco EDI

Costco EDI compliance


Crossfire offers Costco EDI solutions to enable your business to achieve Costco EDI compliance.

Our cloud EDI solutions enable you to send your documents quickly, easily and effectively. You will have confidence that your EDI transactions are compliant and are processed within the EDI regulations and guidelines that Costco has specified.

All Costco Crossfire EDI solutions are provided at an affordable setup cost. There is no additional EDI software or hardware to purchase.

Costco EDI message requirements:

Purchase Order (PO) 850

Receive Purchase Orders from Costco into your system automatically through Crossfire, once EDI is set up.

Purchase Order Change Request (POCR) 860

If Costco needs to make updates to a PO they have sent you they will send a POCR via Crossfire, this will be loaded into your system.

Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) 856

When you are ready to ship the order, Crossfire will allow you to send an ASN to Costco directly out of your system. 

Invoice (INV) 810

When you're ready to, you can send invoices to Costco electronically at the press of a button. 

Payment Order / Remittance Advice 820

Crossfire will allow you to receive Payment Order and Remittance Advice directly from Costco.

Application Advice 824

If there are any errors in an EDI message, Costco will send an Application Advice, outlining this. Crossfire will ensure this is delivered to you.

To get started with Costco EDI:

Crossfire takes care of all the complexity around EDI. our expert EDI technical team can easily set up the EDI for all messages and our system monitors all messages passing through to ensure you get the best setup possible.

  1. Tell us which system you want to integrate with Costco.
  2. We will liaise directly with Costco to confirm the technical requirements.
  3. We manage the entire implementation and undergo an extensive testing process with Costco to ensure a robust service.

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