EDI with Crossfire

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It is easy to get EDI set-up with if you are a Supplier. Crossfires in-house EDI specialists make this process stress-free by managing the technical side of things for you. This enables you to maintain focus on your core business.

Get in Touch EDI Message Types require suppliers to have EDI set up for the following message types.

  • 810 - Invoices
  • 850 - Purchase Orders
  • 855 - Order Acknowledgement
  • 856 - ASN
  • 860 - Purchase Order Change Request

How Crossfire will manage this process for you

Crossfire will liaise with the EDI team at Crossfire will then ‘map’ the messages between your system and Once EDI is in place, your order process will look like the following

  1. Orders from Chewy will arrive and be loaded into 'X System'.
  2. Chewy may send a Purchase Order Change Request.
  3. You will start approving the orders in 'X System'. This can be a bulk action. If orders cannot be fully fulfilled, they must be updated with the volumes that can be shipped. Crossfire will send an Order Acknowledgment to Chewy advising them of the quantities which are being shipped.
  4. You will then ship the orders. Crossfire will send an ASN to
  5. You will then invoice he orders. When the order is marked as Invoiced in 'X System', Crossfire will send the Invoice to Chewy requesting payment.

Crossfire will then test these messages between yourself and and once EDI is rigorously tested, we will then help you ‘go-live’. It’s as simple as that.

Business Benefits of EDI

  • Automating the ordering process through Crossfire Cloud EDI significantly reduces manual processes. It automates the order process, drastically reducing manual keying and human errors, saving your business cost and time, while increasing efficiency.
  • As Crossfire is hosted in the ‘cloud’, system support is taken full care of by us, meaning no in-house IT specialists are required for support so you can focus on your core business.