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RedPrairie’s supply chain, workforce, and all-channel retail solutions put commerce in motion for many companies across the globe.

Installed in over 60,000 customer sites across more than 50 countries, RedPrairie solutions help ensure visibility and collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers to enable the consistent flow of goods from raw materials to finished products in the hands of buyers.

RedPrairie supply chain and retail solution lines include Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, Enterprise Workforce Management, Enterprise Store Operations, All-Channel Commerce, and Visibility & Performance Management.

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RedPrairie EDI Integration with Crossfire Cloud EDI

Use Crossfire Cloud EDI to interchange with RedPrairie warehouse management software. Warehouse inventory movement events can be updated in real-time via scanners and Crossfire Cloud EDI, giving a complete picture of warehouse inventory at any point in time.

This enables more enhanced management of your inventory and helps maintain warehouse inventory stock to be at optimal levels for your business.

Crossfire Cloud EDI can also efficiently process freight and logistics events in RedPrairie, enabling more effective supply chain management