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Sandfield's On Account Financial Management System provides New Zealand companies with a packaged solution that has the ability to deliver features and flexibility which are specific to their individual industry or situation. With On Account from Sandfield, you can create an accounting environment that is more in line with your business and its terminology.

Sandfield has been developing, enhancing and supporting the On Account package for more than 12 years. It is relied on by Tranz Rail, Mainfreight (NZ, Australia and USA), Flight Centre, and New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing to name just a few. Some clients are on second- and third-generation versions over the last fifteen years.

On Account's performance has been proven at levels ranging from 300 transactions per week to over 100,000 transactions per day.

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On Account Integration with Crossfire Cloud EDI

Crossfire Cloud EDI provides an effective way to link On Account with core systems, to send and receive electronic documents like invoices received, invoices issued and purchase orders.

By automating the process to update On Account with e-documents via Crossfire Cloud EDI, businesses can gain significantly efficiencies by reducing manual updates and processes.