Integration with TidyStock

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TidyStock is a simple-to-use cloud-based inventory management system that allows you to accurately manage stock movements from purchase, storage and sale. TidyStock integrates with Xero to seamlessly share stock-related transactions in real time.

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TidyStock EDI Integration with Crossfire Cloud EDI

Common EDI Requirements

  • Sales Orders - Have orders from retailers or customers automatically loaded into TidyStock via Crossfire Cloud EDI.
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications - Send shipping notices to your customers when sales orders are marked as completed.
  • Invoices - Send invoices automatically to your customers or your accounting package using Crossfire Cloud EDI. 

Other EDI Requirements

  • Purchase Orders - Have purchase orders sent from your supplier automatically entered into TidyStock via Crossfire Cloud EDI. 
  • Inventory Balances - Have your inventory on-hand in TidyStock updated via Crossfire Cloud EDI from your 3rd party logistics provider.
  • Product Updates - Automatically enter new products from another system (POS) into TidyStock, or automatically load new products from TidyStock into your POS or accounting package.
  • Transport Orders - Complete a Sales Invoice in TidyStock and have Crossfire Cloud EDI send a pickup request to your courier or transport company.