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What is Orderhive?

Orderhive is an eCommerce automation platform that helps you manage your orders processing, supply management, shipping, multi-channel online retail management, purchases, sales forecasting via analytics & reports, and much more. It is a comprehensive Inventory Management system that integrates with a number of other popular apps such as Shopify, Stripe, Xero and many more.

Putting into pieces again, Orderhive is a SaaS-based web and mobile software application that centralizes all your business channels - inventory management, order processing, shipping, invoicing, and tracking - everything - into one simple, easy-to-use piece of software.

The Mission

Orderhive's primary objective is to make the global retailing as easy as it can. Maybe your competitor is already using it to leave you way behind, and this is the most important reason why we are putting in all the efforts to reach out to you by marketing ourselves, expanding our reach to as many retailers as we can. This is what Orderhive is, and it's here to streamline the way online vendors like you operate, all around the world.

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Orderhive EDI integration with Crossfire

Common EDI Requirements

  • Sales Orders - Get your orders from retailers or customers automatically loaded into Orderhive via Crossfire Cloud EDI.
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications - Send shipping notices to your customers when sales orders are marked as completed.
  • Invoices - Send invoices automatically to your customers or your accounting package using Crossfire Cloud EDI.

Other EDI Requirements

  • Purchase Orders - Have all your purchase orders entered directly to your Orderhive account sent by your supplier or wholesaler securely via Crossfire Cloud EDI.
  • Real-time Inventory Monitoring - The entire data of your inventory will be securely stored and updated in real-time in Orderhive via Crossfire Cloud EDI, let that from your supplier or any data fetched from a specific online marketplace.