Integration with MYOB EXO


MYOB EXO gives its users greater insight into all facets of their operations, along with more control and flexibility as your business grows.

Enabling you to manage your accounting and GL functions, inventory and CRM, which can all be managed across different locations/branches, giving you more control over your total business, greater insight and visibility, as well as significant cost savings.

MYOB Exo Integration with Crossfire

Crossfire Cloud EDI has a direct interface with MYOB Exo so that you can automatically have data pushed or pulled in real-time from Exo to other systems, either internally or with your trading partners.

Common EDI Requirements

  • Sales Orders - Have orders from trading partners automatically loaded into Exo via Crossfire.
  • Sales Order Acknowledgements - Automatically send an acknowledgement to your partner if your inventory system has enough stock on hand to fulfill the order.
  • Advance Shipping Notice - Send shipping notices to your customers when sales orders are marked as completed.
  • Invoices - Send invoices automatically to your customers when orders have been shipped.

Other EDI Requirements

  • Credit Notes - Receive credit notes from your customer if any goods have been returned.
  • Sales Order Pick Request - Automatically send a pick request to your 3PL Warehouse when a Sales Order comes through and enough stock is on hand to fulfil the order.
  • Sales Order Shipment Confirmation - This will automatically appear in Exo if a 3PL Transport Provider confirms the consignment.