What is GS1?

GS1 is the international not-for-profit organization behind the only global system for barcoding, and for standardized identification of products, assets, services, places and organizations.

What do they do?

GS1 develops standards, services and solutions for use by businesses, government agencies and many other organizations worldwide.

In addition to bar coding, GS1 standards are increasingly important for radio frequency identification (RFID), for data synchronization and for other forms of e-commerce. They facilitate flows of information in local, national and international supply chains, and they enable the traceability of products, assets and services.

International Acclaim

The GS1 System of Standards is global, robust, multi-sector, user-driven, and scalable; and it is used and endorsed by millions of companies. Thanks to it, companies and organizations in the retail supply chain, in the healthcare sector and in many other industries and sectors can manage their day-to-day business with a feeling of reliability and efficiency.

GS1 standards are the most widely used in the world. Every day, their standards, services and solutions facilitate more than five billion transactions with support from 108 national member organizations including GS1 New Zealand.

GS1 standards, services and solutions bring together organizations in all parts of the supply chain. They are used by multinational corporations and by corner shops, by the managers of world-leading brands and by individual craftsmen.

Their eCom standards

The GS1 eCom Communications standards are widely used in EDI software around the world. By using GS1 Identification Keys, GS1 eCom enables the direct integration of data captured during the scanning of products sold in retail, during logistic activities and so forth.

GS1 eCom provides two complementary standards: GS1 EANCOM and GS1 XML. They both allow a direct link between the physical flow of goods or services and information related to them.


GS1 EANCOM is a GS1 eCom Communication standard based on UN/EDIFACT (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport), which is a set of internationally agreed-upon standards, directories, and guidelines for the electronic interchange of data.


GS1 XML is the other GS1 eCom Communication standard. It provides a standardized and predictable structure for e-business messages, enabling business partners to communicate business data rapidly, efficiently and accurately, irrespective of their internal hardware or software types.

GS1 EDI with Crossfire Cloud EDI

Crossfire Cloud EDI utilizes GS1 eCom standards for communication used widely around the world. We have firsthand experience using the GS1 EDI standards in our software and are one of their listed EDI service providers. We are also trade members of GS1, and affiliated with GS1 association within New Zealand.

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