EDI Compliance

EDI Compliance

EDI compliance is the ability to send and receive EDI documents in the way that your business partner requires. Each document must be exchanged with each partner in exactly the format they specify and following all of their business data rules. Most partners will have an implementation guide or kit that explains their specific EDI requirements..

Maps are required to translate the EDI documents from the trading partner’s format into the format that is useable by the receiving party. EDI compliance must be tested and approved by each trading partner to ensure their requirements are met.

Crossfire Cloud EDI handles everything - all of the mapping, translation, communication and testing requirements for our clients. Crossfire Cloud EDI will quickly make you EDI compliant with your business partners.

You access our web-based EDI application. Our system and our personnel take care of the work that has to happen in order for you to be EDI compliant. Here is a summary of the major components we take care of for you:

  • Set up and testing with your EDI customers
  • Mapping and translation of EDI documents into a user friendly format
  • Upgrades to maps as EDI trading partner requirements change
  • EDI service that provides transportation of EDI transactions to and from your trading partners
  • Training and support for all of your users

Buying all of these components separately is time consuming, expensive and still requires on-going management.  A Crossfire Cloud EDI solution provides everything you need in one affordable package. You have more time available for growing your business when we take care of EDI for you.