“These guys can walk the walk and talk the talk. Crossfire didn’t need this industry and its problems explained to them, they already had the experience and the expertise. They’ve met every challenge we’ve thrown at them.” Jeremy Cox, Business Improvement Manager, ACFS

“Crossfire was able to come in and rebuild those interfaces without any impact on our business, or our customers. And they were able to do it in a very short time frame.” Jeremy Cox, Business Improvement Manager, ACFS

“Because we interact with so many customers, the solution needed to be very robust and have the ability to interact with multiple systems and languages, and be able to handle translation. This is what Crossfire could do that other supplier couldn’t. They’re familiar with our customers and the challenges they have. They can offer solutions based on that knowledge.” Jeremy Cox, Business Improvement Manager, ACFS

“They're great to deal with. There seem to be dedicated people always available, always responding straight away, and they're amazingly cost-effective”
Kimberley Holland, Director, Botany Group

Crossfire’s adaptability, scalability and simple implementation can help your business fulfil industry EDI Compliance requirements, allowing you to focus on growing your business.