Case Studies

Real world examples

The following EDI examples outline some common situations where Crossfire Cloud EDI provides business advantage by automating and providing a robust interface between trading partners.

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Major time savings and improved accuracy

The Botany Group

The New Zealand division of the Botany Group has offices in Auckland and Christchurch. Originally called the Dairy Culture Company, it is now partnered with the Botany Group in Australia which is an import and distribution business.


Having moved from the Unleashed inventory system to Netsuite, the Botany Group were looking for an EDI partner that could handle integration into the more complex system. They had worked with Sandfield before, who was recommended to them by one of their supermarket clients.


The Crossfire EDI solution works well with Netsuite, which is a system that’s familiar to Sandfield. It measured up in terms of the responsiveness of the team at Sandfield, as well as being a cost-effective solution that would be delivered within a specific time frame.


Accuracy and time savings are the key benefits the Botany Group has noticed since the second integration. With no need for manual data entry, it has freed up those staff to focus on sales. Human error has been eliminated, and all orders can be picked and packed much faster.

Smooth sailing for ACFS’ supply chain integration

ACFS Port Logistics

ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) is the largest privately-owned wharf cartage business in Australia, with 1,200 employees moving 1.2million TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) annually. Services cover warehousing, transport and freight logistics companies. With their headquarters in Sydney, ACFS have offices and bases in every port in Australia.


They have multiple customers with a range of different challenges. There’s no standard way they interface with each other, and no one language. With customers from multiple countries, the system had to be capable of translations. They needed an EDI solution that was robust enough to handle the complexities of many different interfaces, and the ability to get things done swiftly.


The Crossfire service had the ability to not only meet the above challenges, but their deep experience with the supply chain industry means they didn’t need to have ACFS intricacies explained to them. They came into ACFS with experience and expertise, and a good understanding of the problems they were facing.


They can interact with multiple systems and languages more flexibly, and progress with each of their customers is now much quicker.

New settlement solution gives shipping agent an edge


Monson is an Australian shipping agency that’s been servicing bulk vessels globally for more than 30 years. In a complex port environment where a ‘one size fits all’ approach is impossible, Monson provides a vital service - one point of personalised contact for shipping operators to get all their specific needs met when vessels call at all key ports in Australia.


Monson wanted a new financial software system that would integrate all of its data to enable timely and accurate billing and settlement with vessel operators and free up finance staff to focus more on increasing productivity.


The Sandfield team configured ‘On Account’ (OA), Sandfield’s own cutting edge finance and management accounting solution to integrate with existing vessel systems and details - meaning there was now only one source of true data to communicate accurately and quickly with all of its partners and customers.


The capabilities of Monson’s new accounting system has meant the value OA provides is more like a customer experience system in the seamless process it enables between staff and customer. The high quality and timeliness of disbursements provide an accurate and transparent billing record for customers, who can be confident that what they owe is consistent and correct.

Crossfire’s adaptability, scalability and simple implementation can help your business fulfil industry EDI Compliance requirements, allowing you to focus on growing your business.