About Crossfire

The Crossfire team is based in Auckland, New Zealand. We are made up of tech and business experts, with industry experience in supply chain integration, having dealt with an impressive list of top tier, global businesses.

We’re a distinct team within Sandfield, a software development company that specializes in Supply Chain Solutions. Like Sandfield, we pride ourselves on providing a practical and measured approach to all our integration solutions and client relationships. 

The Crossfire team is led by Henry Payne, whose depth of experience has come from being part of the Sandfield team for 14+ years. Sandfield has been doing integrations for over 30 years but due to the growth of the company, it made sense to create a specialised Crossfire EDI team. The team has been focused on working with a diverse range of customers, from medium-sized businesses to publicly-listed companies with billion-dollar revenues.

Experienced in supply chain, experts in integration

  • We understand supply chain, having provided integration solutions for ports, shipping and transport/warehousing companies . Our expertise is in providing clients with a tailored, end-to-end solution, removing the technical complexity of the integration process and making it as hands off as possible for our customers.
  • We've been carefully selected by billion dollar enterprises because of our tailored approach to integrations, as CIO's of these companies, like us, have realised that out of the box solutions don't allow for maximum value. 
  • We have a range of clients including Foodstuffs, Mainfreight and Qube Australia. Some of our partners have been with us for over 20 years.
  • We continue to provide integration solutions globally, dealing with such retailers as Tesco’s, Walmart and Amazon.

What Crossfire Delivers:

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Simply engage with Crossfire and we will help integrate your internal systems or with your trading partners at a transparent cost. No complicated and expensive setup projects, all in the cloud.

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Crossfire enables you to focus on the business outcomes you need from your supply chain integrations. We deal with the technical complexity and business process challenges, delivering your business value.

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We take responsibility, monitoring data being exchanged and alerting you if there are any issues. The Crossfire Portal gives visiblity around what messages have passed through and what have contained errors.

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We guarantee levels of service based on agreed performance metrics, and with 99.99% uptime through AWS, you can have the confidence that your systems will keep running.

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We ensure your data is protected through utilising the latest secure transmission protocols such as HTTPS and SSL encryption, as well as hosting through AWS's secure cloud environment.