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CargoWise One by WiseTech Global is a single-platform solution designed for logistics operations. Founded in 1994 in Sydney, Australia their client portfolio includes companies ranging from single office SME’s to large multinational Supply Chain companies.

CargoWise One eAdaptor
CargoWise One can be integrated with other internal systems or with your trading partners systems through the eAdaptor, which requires skilled developers to implement by either using C# or .Net. 

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CargoWise One Integration with Crossfire 

Crossfire integrates with CargoWise to help businesses involved in the following industries.

  • Warehousing
  • Shipping 
  • Freight forwarding


Common EDI Requirements

  • Sales Orders - Have orders from retailers or customers automatically loaded into CargoWise One via Crossfire Cloud EDI. 
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications - Send shipping notices to your customers when sales orders are marked as completed.
  • Invoices - Send invoices automatically to your customers or your accounting package using Crossfire Cloud EDI. 

Other EDI Requirements

  • Purchase Orders - Have purchase orders sent from your supplier automatically entered into CargoWise One via Crossfire Cloud EDI. 
  • Inventory Balances - Have your inventory on-hand in CargoWise One updated via Crossfire Cloud EDI from your 3rd party logistics provider.
  • Product Updates - Automatically enter new products from another system (POS) into CargoWise One, or automatically load new products from CargoWise One into your POS or accounting package.
  • Transport Orders - Complete a sales invoice in CargoWise One and have Crossfire Cloud EDI send a pickup request to your courier or transport company.


Crossfire works with a number of shipping lines that use CargoWise. The two message types that are exchanged are CODECO and COPARN messages.

  • CODECO - Have any container movements trigger an event, to pass through Crossfire and be sent to local or foreign customs, transport partners & ports. These could be Gate In / Gate Out messages, or 
  • COPARN - Receive COPARN messages to make available, accept, call down containers, or announce the impending arrival of a container. 

Freight Forwarding

Crossfire works with a range of global importers and exporters that are involved in Freight forwarding. The most common messages Crossfire work with are Orders and Shipping Notifications.

  • Orders - Orders can be sent by your trading partner(s), pass-through Crossfire and then be sent or picked up by your instance of CargoWise. 
  • Order Confirmations - Once you've checked the order and confirm this in CargoWise, Crossfire can seamlessly send this data to your partner. 
  • Shipping Notifications (ASN's) - Once there is an event that leads to a shipping notification being required by a trading partner, Crossfire can trigger an ASN to your trading partner(s). 

Benefits of using Crossfire with CW1

Years of experience - Crossfire can draw on years of experience with CargoWise integrations and take into account your unique business processes and those of your partners when developing a solution.

Error management & system monitoring - Once set up the Crossfire system picks up on any errors passing between systems and notifies the correct party. This allows for messages to be sent to and from your CargoWise and other internal systems, or with your external trading partners, resulting in more effective supply chain management. Our support team proactively manage errors, ensuring our customers confident that messages are flowing between systems. 

Custom logic and business rules - Every business and trading partners have different business processes. Crossfire takes these into account and applies custom logic to ensure that things like cut-off times are adhered to, all parties have visibility and processes are established to manage the likes of container detention fees.  

Add value to your supply chain- With Crossfire you will experience increased accuracy of data, streamlined processes, resulting in greatly increased efficiency. As a result, you can improve relationships with partners and improve your bottom line.

Custom logic examples

Carrier rates and exchange rates - Crossfire will allow you to pull carrier rates from your trading partners, as they update them. This could be for road transport, shipping, etc. If you deal with a range of global trading partners that use different currencies, Crossfire can create custom logic to ensure you are giving your customers the most up to date rate. 

PDF Conversion - Crossfire can convert PDF's that are received from trading partners to Cargowise format, and validate these through Crossfire before sending these to CargoWise.

Other - Crossfire will work with you to then create the most appropriate logic that will benefit your supply chain.